Thursday, May 3, 2012

This time it is Health Insurance Company

My health insurance company charges me a couple of days before 1st of every month. E.g. for the month of February, I would be charged around 29th January.

In mid April, I changed my health plan. My old premium was $135. Due to change in coverage my new premium would be $109.

At the end of April I was going to be charged for month of May. Since I changed my plan in the middle of April, I was expecting that my total charge would be $109(premium for new plan) minus credit from April. As I was charged end of March for April coverage and I changed my plan id mid April, I was expecting credit.

But I was charged $135. So I called them and explain issue to representative. Representative kept me on the hold for few times while she was researching my account. But she was not able to resolve the issue and she asked me to call me back. She called me back within an hour as I asked her to do so and she said system made a mistake and I would get credit when I would be charged at the end of May. I hope things would work out and I won’t have to call them again.

It is frustrating that companies keep making these kinds of mistakes and we have to keep looking at our bills in detail every time we make some changes to plan. Issues are being resolved after calling them, but is annoying to do so. I wish companies would not make these kinds of mistakes in the first place so we don’t need to waste our time and energy.

Here is an interesting fact. I came across these kinds of scenarios few times, but I never came across scenario when I was charged less by mistake. Would companies doing these kinds of things on purpose hoping people won’t notice and they would able to charge more than what they are suppose to?

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