Thursday, May 3, 2012

Filing federal tax return saga ends finally!

As told by representative, I got back fees that I paid for filing free federal tax return.

I have prepared my tax return as much as I could have done in the month of March, but it was not fully prepared as I was expecting a couple of schedule K-1s. Finally I received schedule K-1 and I was excited to complete preparing my tax return.  By the way, I learned that one can get schedule K-1 online before he/she receives paper one. Anyways back to the theme, as I received schedule K-1, I logged into my account to complete tax return.  When I logged in, all data was wiped out!

So I called the company and found out the reason. I had already had a username with them which I used to file my tax return in the past, but for whatever reason I created new username to file tax return for this year. And when I received schedule K-1 I logged in using my old user name. Because of this, system wiped out all the information that I entered for filing tax return using my other username.

Now representative told me to use to old username. Representative asked me to pay fees again and mentioned that I will get refund after 2-4 weeks. So I did that and I entered everything I thought it was necessary to enter. Now I was feeling very good thinking I am done preparing my return. Somehow I like to things on deadline and I decided not to file my tax return before second week of April.

Second week of April came and I was ready to file my income tax return finally. Before I do so, I decided to check my prepared tax return again to make sure I did not make any mistake on it. While doing so, I found out that I did not fill form 6781. So I looked for that form, but could not find it on the version of software that I was using for filing my tax return. I tried calling them, but it was not working hours and I had to wait for next day to do so. It was a couple of days before filing deadline and I did not want to wait for next day. So I googgled it and read somewhere that this form is available if I use premium version of software. I thought I had no choice but to pay for this premium version now. So I did. I paid for premium version. And guess what? I still could not find form 6781. Now it was late at night and I was tired so I decided to call it a night thinking I will call next day and they will tell me where to find the form and I will fill it and will file my tax return.

So next day I called and representative told me that they don’t support form 6781!

Now deadline for filing tax return was next day and I had to find an alternative. So I thought I would use turbotax. So I looked it up and I found out that due to deadline they increased their prices. Basic version was for fifty bucks for filing federal tax return. I had to file federal and state tax return and I also knew that I might need to go with higher version as I had to file form 6781. So me being frugal, I did not even bother to check prices for state filing and higher version. Since I like to understand tax forms, I knew about every form I had to file. So I filed my federal tax return using and I filed my state return for free using

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