Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Iphone Mania

We see more and more people are getting iphone. Apple introduces newer and hotter iphone every year and a lot of us are waiting in line to grab newest iphone and spending a lot of money to do so. If you are one of those who kept buying newer iphone as Apple kept introducing them, you might find that it might not worth to spend all those money in getting newest iphone. If you can afford it, nothing is wrong in it, but if you are not wealthy I don’t see a point in spending hundreds of dollors in buying a phone. With the announcement of iphone 4s, apple also announced that they are selling iphone 3Gs for free. Which means iphone 4 would be free one day and so will iphone 4s be! I am not in hurry and I will get newer iphone when I won’t have to pay extra to get it. I am getting iphone 3GS. I am getting it not because I need it, but I am getting it because it is for free (actually $50 when you include initiation fees and taxes) and I am going to sell my existing iphone for more than $50. So effectively I am not paying anyting from my pocket and I might make some money as it is likely that I will be able to sell my existing iphone for more than $50. This make sense financially, at least to me.

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