Monday, April 11, 2011

Why is it necessary to view the detail bill?

My other half suggested that I am good at writing letter when it comes to get money back (or should I say, making sure that they don’t overcharge!) so I am including emails that I wrote personally to my phone company.
In my experience, utilities companies charge a lot of fees and we have to see our bill in detail to see their charges and need to call them for the discounts that we are eligible for!

Background: After enrolling in corporate discount plan, I was not getting it because my phone was ineligible

Letter # 1:
I was extremely satisfied with the service since I enrolled in it, but I am not satisfied with the service I am getting for last year and a half. I am getting very weak signals in some areas and so many of my phone calls are being dropped. My friends and relatives are saying that I don’t pick up the phone, but the fact is, I don’t get the ring or see missed-call so many times. I am sure that I am not the first customer to say something like this.

I am eligible for 15% employer discount, but I won’t get it because I have (model #). It sucks! You guys are saying that I can get this discount only if I get other device or new phone (latest model #). In spite of poor coverage, I am sticking with (service provider) only because of (model #). So I am not interested in getting other device. About getting (latest model #), as both of us know that it cost a lot of money. Also, if I spend that money and get (latest model #) then I will need to buy expensive data plan with that new phone and I won’t be eligible to have the data plan I have currently. So in order to get 15% discount I need to buy expensive data plan. In conclusion, I need to pay more to you guys. Isn’t 15% discount means customer save 15%? But your definition is instead of paying $70 a month, I should enroll in service which cost me $80 or $ 90 a month and then you will provide 15% discount. So I will have to pay more than $70 a month. Oops, I forgot to add the cost of buying (latest model #) and activation fees.

Isn’t 15% discount for your service? I completed my contract time with (service provider). and I am using your service. Shouldn’t you provide me your 15% discount because of this? I know you guys speak the language can and can not and not the language of should and should not.

I am sure you will have answer for this. After all, I agreed with your fine prints while enrolling your service.

Have fun enjoying monopoly of having exclusive rights to provide service for (model #) users.

Customer for 5 years now!
(Customer name)

Letter # 2:
You guys are very annoying. When I log in to my profile, it says ‘Your account type qualifies you to the following discounts. Service discounts are applied to the primary line under eligible agreements and exclude certain rate plan types and devices. * Service : 15.0%’ but I never get this discount. When I called, I came to know that I can not get this discount because I am using (model #). So you are okay to charge me $36 bucks for giving me discount when I am using (model #), but you are not okay to give me that discount because I am using (model #). That is stupid. So I asked to refund my $36 which I paid for getting this service, I was told that I can not get it back because your representative can only go three months back and I paid this in (date). You guys don’t even give refund for something you charged and are not willing me to offer that service! This is very frustrating!
Result: I got money back and was eligible for this discount when I changed my plan, but I was still using the same (model #)

Background: I wasn’t given eligible discount and was charged for activation fees ( it is necessary to see the detail bill to find this out!)

Letter # 3:
I am really tired of you guys

When I got into family plan, I was told that I will get 15% corporate discount because I am making a contract on new line ending with XXX1, but when I got the bill, there wasn’t any discount and I had to talk to you guys on the phone to make that line as my primary line to get that discount. Yeah, I got discount, but it’s after calling you guys and wasting my time. I should have got this in the first place.

When I got another line ending with XXX2, same thing happened. I was eligible to get activation fees waived, but I didn’t and I had to talk on the phone to do so. Again waste of time.

Also, I added line ending with XXX2 using my phone and without any contract. A representative told me on the phone that there is contract for this line! Are you kidding me? I went to that store in (name of city) and made it clear that I don’t want contract on this line and that is why I am using my on phone. If I had to make a contract, wouldn’t I get a free phone? A lady on the phone told me that people at store made a contract of 24 months! Come on. Give me the break. I told that I don’t want contract then why representative in the store will make a contract? Why your representative will tell me something different and do something different? May be because she wants to finish her quota, but why do I have to suffer for her? Now, representative on the phone told me that she can not undo this contract and I have to go to store! Do I have nothing to do, but to go to your store and keep talking and writing emails to you guys? Please stop harassing me. Please undo this contract.

Also, yesterday I went to store (store address) and for the same problem and I was told that this was being taken care, but when I logged into my account, it wasn’t and I had to call you guys. How much time do I have to waste for your mistakes?

Customer since (year)

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